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Environmental analysis

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Over the last 100 years, the environment has become more and more contaminated as a result of human activity. As we learn more about the threats from different chemicals, the need for control and analysis of these increases. Chiron offers highly purified solutions for the surveillance of products of concern. Among others, we offer standards for PCBs, different flame retardants, mono-fluorinated internal standards and different surfactants, including perfluorinated products. We also have the largest selection of PAHs on the market – a group of products that are known to be carcinogenic. Our products can be used as analytical standards as well as for toxicology studies. The metabolic pathway of organic compounds often passes via primary metabolites such as hydroxylated compounds, and then further into more complicated glucuronides and sulfates. These compounds can often be associated with certain diseases and can be used to monitor exposure to environmental pollutants - a constantly growing concern as more is known about the harmful effect of our past and present everyday products. Chiron offers both metabolites and parent compounds for a large range of products!

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